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Various Styles of Moccasins - Photo via Valerie Everett

Moccasins are shoes or boots without a heel, usually made of soft leather where the sole is stitched to the U-shaped top part at the toes and on the upper sides of the foot. This allows the whole shoe to flex and shape itself to the foot. The term is derived from the word for shoe from the Native-American Algonquin language.

Many Native American tribes wore the shoes, as did early settlers, tradesmen and hunters. The soft soles allow the wearer to feel the terrain, while still protecting the foot.

Soft Soles Allow the Wearer to Feel the Terrain While Still Protecting the Foot - Photo via Kthryn

Popular traditional styles of moccasins are ankle high boots, knee high boots and slip-on shoes. Still preferred by hippies and anyone who wants a classic, comfortable American shoe or indoor slipper, moccasins are manufactured today by Minnetonka, Footwear by Footskins and Hush Puppies.

Moccasin Means Shoe in the Algonquin Language - Photo via Maier Loves You

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